Keffiyeh Center

keffiyeh3-800In 2012, a group of young men and women from New Askar Refugee Camp saw a need in their community for a space for children and youth. This is how the Keffiyeh center was born. The Keffiyeh Center is a social association that aims to serve its community through providing programs and extracurricular activities specifically for the large number of youth in the camp. They are also unique in their focus on the inclusiveness of both genders in the scope of their activities as well as in the structure of the association itself.

keffiyeh1-800The association has several primary objectives: ensuring that the youth have the skills to thrive under difficult circumstances; enhancing and reviving awareness and understanding of Palestinian heritage; maintaining communication with their community in order to have the ability to respond to changing needs; encouraging physical activity and sports; implementing an international exchange program that promotes intercultural understanding.

These objectives are met through a number of activities and programs. The association has a reputable Dabka dance team (traditional Palestinian dance), the only girls soccer team in Askar Refugee Camp, a boxing club, and many volunteers who work hard to bring these and other programs to their community. Some of the other services the Keffiyeh Center hopes to bring to their community are a library and a multimedia/computer center.

keffiyeh4-800The Keffiyeh Center is an important partner for Tully Partnerships because it works with underserved communities within Palestine, notably refugees and girls. They work to challenge the injustices of the occupation through equipping their people to thrive under these circumstances and envision a better future.

For more information about The Keffiyeh Center, visit their Facebook page.